Welcome To Kidney Club

Welcome To Kidney Club

Kidney Club is now active and online for kidney patients to talk to each other using Zoom. 2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone and kidney patients have been affected by having to shield and protect their health. Many still are shielding right from back in March when lockdown first happened.

Helping Kidney Patients

Kidney Patients are part of the clinically vulnerable group. Winter already brings it own problems for those with a suppressed immune system or having to go in hospital for dialysis. Kidney Club has been set up primarily to help patients talk to each other through this difficult time and beyond.

Kidney Club Zoom

Now that the technology is available to use, it makes perfect sense to use that to the benefit of patients. Some of us I am sure would have already had our outpatient’s appointments via a Zoom call. Talking to fellow patients is something we have all done over the years. In clinic at various events like Bridges walk and the Transplant Games. But not just patient’s family members and carers also are a vital part of the patient’s life. They just understand better than anyone else what we maybe feeling.

So, Kidney patients now have a place to come and chat, away from public view once they have registered. The chats have already started and are helping patients already, which I am delighted with. If you are a kidney patient, a carer of family member please feel free to register. Then you will see the links and the Zoom chats once you are logged in.

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