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  • 43 Years experience as a patient
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  • Transplant patient for 25 years
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Transplant Patient
  • Royal London Hospital, Mile End Road Whitechapel

With 43 years experience as a kidney patient, Stuart knows only too well how your life can be affected by CKD.  Diagnosed at 10 years with Henoch Scholein Purpora his condition affected him all through his school life until 16. Only then did Stuart stop any medication he was taking and was told that kidney problems would return in his late 20’s.

Stuart led a normal life starting work at 16 and there were no signs of any problems. Not until late 1994 whilst managing a pub with his girlfriend, did any problems occur. He noticed his vision was blurred and was constantly getting headaches, he thought he may need glasses as his father had them at an early age. This continued for a while until Stuart could hardly see as he continued to work.

Eventually he went to hospital where his blood pressure was dangerously high. No one knew what was wrong at the time and he was going to be sent home. His girlfriend demanded a second opinion and was eventually diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. This was 14th December 1994 and just five days later, on his 27th Birthday he started haemodialysis.

stuart smith

Stuart was lucky enough to receive a transplant on 5th December 1995 and still is working well to this day. It enabled him to live a pretty normal life, but took 2 years to accept that taking so many medications was never normal. Stuart has been a performer for many years working as a stand-up comedy/impressionist as well as a voice over artist. Also a former business owner making greeting cards as well as TV & Radio experience with his voiceover work.

Like many patients Stuart has also suffered mental health issues that he hid for many years and only recently returned. It first appeared as he struggled to accept his new normal post transplant and the medication side effects.  So, Stuart knows only too well what challenges can be thrown at you as a patient spanning many years, as well as all of life’s up and downs that come with it.

Feel free to contact Stuart for any support you think he maybe able to help you with.

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