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Mental Health

Mental health is something many of us face as patients. Only recently mental health is talked about far more than it used to be. Whether diagnosed with CKD, on dialysis or even after transplant adjusting to our new normal is something we all face. Talking about our emotional, psychological, and social well-being with fellow patients really helps.

Whether diagnosed with CKD, on dialysis or transplanted mental health and adjusting to our new normal is something we all face

Patient Support

The only downside to that is the waiting time for self-referral for example. So, it is important to talk about your feelings as soon as you feel they may be affecting your life. Kidney Club is made up of patients and will always help where we can, but important to note that many of us will not be medically trained and your condition may be such, you need professional help. However, just by talking to other patients it can help you see the light and will offer you a different perspective, from someone who has been through it.

How Can We Improve Our Mental Health

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So, lets tell you about what you can do if you are feeling a bit down or lonely. Check out the forum and the thread on mental health, this thread is hidden from public so only patients will see it. You may wish to speak to your social worker via your clinic, ask your renal clinic about this when you see your consultant. Charities like Kidney Care have information on their website as well as a number you can call. Don’t be afraid to ask as just talking about our problems can make us feel a lot better and be the steppingstone to better mental health.

If you feel the need to talk to someone, here is a link to the Samaritans website with relevant phone numbers.

Looking for emergency help, here is a link to the Samaritans

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