Patient Chats

Patients Chats

Kidney Club was set up to help fellow kidney patients, by talking to each other. Originally this was via Zoom and a forum was also added to try out. I never really expected the forum to be used, but in the beginning there was a concern over security. So, Zoom was used and chats started on a Wednesday and Saturday.

As a patient myself (Stuart) I had hoped that I would receive more support pushing Kidney Club. I was shocked, in fact incredibly disappointed that there was no help. After all I was trying to help patients here with a new service. This was set up and built and paid for by myself on a very tight budget. So, in essence I become very disheartened as I was struggling to pay for everything.

Facebook Rooms

So, I was forced to make some changes and cut costs and chats were moved over to Facebook Rooms. This is a free service via our Facebook Page which works well. I decided to pull the website also, as background costs and plug in charges in the back end were mounting up.

However, after giving it some thought, I decided to keep the website as I simply did not want to walk away from helping others. I am passionate about helping fellow patients, through the Chats and beyond. As well as the Chats, patients can also add their own information and story on the KIDNEY PATIENT PAGES

Kidney Club is run and funded by patient Stuart Smith. Please help keep running for patients, carers & their families. Then they can connect and share valuable experience with each other. All donations go towards the web hosting, software & other costs. Please help if you can. Thank You

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