Kidney Patients

Are You a Kidney Patient?

Carer, Family Member or Donor?

Kidney Club wants to share as many kidney patient stories as possible to get people talking and reading about Chronic kidney disease (CKD). So, the website side of Kidney Club will now be a place where patients can have their very own page. Then the wider public, as well as occupational health, benefit decision makers can get a better understanding of what we go through as patients. This will also help the media and researchers find what they will be looking for, when the pages propagate through search engines.

Who Can Set Up a Page?

Any kidney patients, carers of their family members can have their own page. I will be more than happy to include health care professionals as well, should there be a demand for that. There is no charge for this as I hope to keep the site running on donations. This will also help Kidney Club stay independent and give that independent voice to patients via their own pages. The chats will continue on Facebook and will be a separate part of Kidney Club.

What can I Add on My Page?

You can add your story, any video links you have or audio. If you have a podcast you can add this as well. Check out the patient pages above for an example. You can add your lived experience as well, so you can pass this on to others.

Contact Kidney Club if you would like to add a page.

If you are a Kidney Patient you can now get your very own page. Use your experience to help others, connect via social and more.

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