Kidney Patient Stories

Kidney Club wants to share as many kidney patient stories as possible to get people talking and reading about Chronic kidney disease (CKD). Then the wider public, as well as occupational health, benefit decision makers and the media get a better understanding of what we go through as patients. You maybe a patient who has just been diagnosed with CKD. Talking to other patients that have been in the same situation can help you at such a difficult time.

Families & Carers

It’s not just the patients that are going through a very confusing time. Family members and carers will also be worried about loved ones. By us all coming together as a community using technology to talk to one another. We can all share how we feel and talk about our feelings. Reading a story, listening to a patient, a carer or a family member can help in so many ways.

Share Your Story

You can share your story just in text, or with a picture it’s up to you. Also add a video if you like talking about what it’s like to be a kidney patient. But text and photo is just fine if not. Stories help everyone, so lets get sharing our kidney stories.

Contact Kidney Club with your story.

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