Kidney Club Chat

kidney club twitter spaces

Kidney Club Chat

Kidney Club Chat was set up to help fellow kidney patients, simply by talking to each other. As a transplant patient myself (Stuart) coming up to 26 years transplanted, I had hoped that I would receive more support pushing Kidney Club, it has been a hard slog pushing this on my own, on benefits. Therefore, chats are no longer on Zoom due to lack of budget. I felt patients needed place to go where they could just talk to each other. It has been very obvious to me speaking to fellow patients over the years, they feel frustrated that people never seem to understand what we go through.

Kidney Club was set up to provide a space were patients can speak freely to fellow patients. A place where you can sit with a cuppa and just chat about anything you want, with fellow patients. We know as patients, it is difficult for others to understand what we go through at times. They mean well of course,  but talking to another kidney patient, you know you are talking to someone who truly does understand. We also welcome carers, patient families, as well as health professionals to come and have a friendly chat. Kidney Club is independent and patient centred and will always look at ways to evolve and help fellow patients.

If you are a Kidney Patient you can now get your very own page. Use your experience to help others, connect via social and more.

kidney club twitter spaces

Twitter Spaces

Twitter spaces was tested on 22nd October and will now be added as a regular chat. This will now happen on Fridays via Twitter Spaces at 4pm for around an hour. The great thing is about spaces, it’s audio only and you just need your phone. No need to login to a page or a computer, just chill out and use your phone to talk.

As well as the Chats on Facebook and Twitter, patients can also add their own information and story on the KIDNEY PATIENT PAGES

Facebook Rooms

This is a free service via our Facebook Page using the rooms service, which works well. Facebook rooms is a simply and effective way to chat to fellow patients and happens on a Saturday at 3pm, hosted by Kathryn Croker or Stuart Smith

We are passionate about helping fellow patients, through the Chats and beyond. As well as the Chats, patients can also add their own information and story on the KIDNEY PATIENT PAGES

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