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Mental Health

Mental Health is something that many kidney patients face throughout their time as a patient. One of the hardest things to accept is the new normal in terms of medication, changes to our body and much more. Whilst we might have great support from families, friends & workmates. Talking to fellow patients can help in so many ways, as they truly understand far better than most. Just by talking to one another and sharing our experiences can help in so many ways.

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Kidney Club was started with a simply idea, build a service for patients for talk to fellow patients, using technology. This original happened over Zoom, But due to financial issues and price rises of software, I was unable to keep the website going and pay for the Zoom licence. So, chats are now on Facebook.

What is Kidney Club?

Kidney Club was founded by Kidney patient Stuart Smith  A service where patients with kidney disease, can talk to fellow patients. This currently happens via Facebook Rooms. The aim is simple, help each other with the various issues & experiences we face as kidney patients. Many of us as patients have a wealth of experience, that can be used to help each other. As well as give wider society a better understanding of our condition.

Kidney Patients can also now have their own page, to help create more awareness. The Covid pandemic has thrown up many challenges for kidney patients. We are all different, with different experiences, the kidney patients pages are a great way to spread awareness.

Image - Keegan Houser - Unsplash
Image - Keegan Houser - Unsplash

Kidney Patients

Each and every kidney patient has their own unique story. So, the website has been relaunched so others can read these wonderful stories. Not only that, you can connect with them via social media, speak to them on our chats. Kidney Patients now have their own pages on Kidney Club, where they can add their story, media or any audio they have. Stories are a great way for patients so see they are not alone as they read about fellow patients. It also helps the media and researchers as well, looking for stories about organ donation and kidney disease for example.

Kidney Patients

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